Pro Bowl

    A postseason all-star game between the new league champion and a team of professional all-stars was added to the NFL schedule at the end of the 1938 season. On January 15, 1939, at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, California, the New York Giants won the first "Pro All-Star Game," 13-10, defeating a team of players from NFL teams and two independent clubs, the Los Angeles Bulldogs and the Hollywood Stars.

    This format continued for the next four seasons, except that the all-star team now consisted solely of NFL players. In January 1942, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the game was moved from Los Angeles to the Polo Grounds in New York City. The last "Pro All-Star Game" was held in December 1942. With the wartime NFL playing a reduced schedule starting in 1943, the series was abandoned.

    The NFL revived the game (now dubbed the "Pro Bowl") in January 1951, after the 1950 season. The game was now a contest between conference all-star teams: American vs. National (1951-53) and Eastern vs. Western (1954-70). The rival AFL, meanwhile, staged its own All-Star Game from 1962-70, using the same East vs. West format. The AFL departed from this format once, in the January 1966 game, when the league champion Buffalo Bills played all-stars from the rest of the league.

    After the AFL-NFL Merger of 1970, the name of the NFL's all-star game was changed to the "AFC-NFC Pro Bowl". Since the merger, the head coaches of the teams that lost in the AFC and NFC championship games have been selected as the coaches for the respective Pro Bowl squads a compromise that arose from the decision to discontinue the Playoff Bowl, which had it been retained, would have matched up the two teams that lost the conference title games.

    Currently, players are voted into the Pro Bowl by the coaches, the players themselves, and the fans. Each group's ballots count for one third of the votes. The fans vote online at the NFL's official site. There are also replacements that go to the game should any selected player be unable to play due to injuries. Prior to 1995, only the coaches and the players made Pro Bowl selections. This quote is from an interview Dooley Womack did with Stan Olson of the Charlotte Observer and appeared in their Sunday, July 1, 2007 issue


AFC vs NFC Pro Bowl

1971 - 2008

January 24, 1971 NFC, 27-6 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
January 23, 1972 AFC, 26-13 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
January 21, 1973 AFC, 33-28 Texas Stadium, Irving, Texas
January 20, 1974 AFC, 15-13 Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri
January 20, 1975 NFC, 17-10 Miami Orange Bowl
January 26, 1976 NFC, 23-20 Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
January 17, 1977 AFC, 24-14 The Kingdome, Seattle, Washington
January 23, 1978 NFC, 14-13 Tampa Stadium
January 29, 1979 NFC, 13-7 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
January 27, 1980 NFC, 37-27 Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii
February 1, 1981 NFC, 21-7 Aloha Stadium
January 31, 1982 AFC, 16-13 Aloha Stadium
February 6, 1983 NFC, 20-19 Aloha Stadium
January 29, 1984 NFC, 45-3 Aloha Stadium
January 27, 1985 AFC, 22-14 Aloha Stadium
February 2, 1986 NFC, 28-24 Aloha Stadium
February 1, 1987 AFC, 10-6 Aloha Stadium
February 7, 1988 AFC, 15-6 Aloha Stadium
January 29, 1989 NFC, 34-3 Aloha Stadium
February 4, 1990 NFC, 27-21 Aloha Stadium
February 3, 1991 AFC, 23-21 Aloha Stadium
February 2, 1992 NFC, 21-15 Aloha Stadium
February 7, 1993 AFC, 23-20 (OT) Aloha Stadium
February 6, 1994 NFC, 17-3 Aloha Stadium
February 5, 1995 AFC, 41-13 Aloha Stadium
February 4, 1996 NFC, 20-13 Aloha Stadium
February 2, 1997 AFC, 26-23 (OT) Aloha Stadium
February 1, 1998 AFC, 29-24 Aloha Stadium
February 7, 1999 AFC, 23-10 Aloha Stadium
February 6, 2000 NFC, 51-31 Aloha Stadium
February 4, 2001 AFC, 38-17 Aloha Stadium
**February 9, 2002 AFC, 38-30 Aloha Stadium
February 2, 2003 AFC, 45-20 Aloha Stadium
February 8, 2004 NFC, 55-52 Aloha Stadium
February 13, 2005 AFC, 38-27 Aloha Stadium
February 12, 2006 NFC 23-17 Aloha Stadium
**February 10, 2007 AFC 31-28 Aloha Stadium
February 10, 2008 AFC vs. NFC Aloha Stadium
Pro Bowl

The opening quote on this football team menu talked about attitude and Buffalo Bills linebacker Ray Bentley agreed saying, "Every team in the NFL has talent, but attitude is the biggest thing that counts. That and playing together as a team. If you can capture that feeling, then you'll have success.

An alphabetical breakdown of leagues follows: All-America Football Conference (1946-1949), American Football Conference (1970-Today, Part of the NFL), American Football League (1960-1970), American Professional Football Association (1920-1921), National Football Conference (1970-Today, Part of the NFL), and the National Football League (1922-Today).

Did you know that only ten of the current football teams playing today originated in the National Football League? Those ten teams are the Dallas Cowboys (1960), Minnesota Vikings (1961), Atlanta Falcons (1966), New Orleans Saints (1967), Seattle Seahawks (1976), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976), Carolina Panthers (1995), Jacksonville Jaguars (1995), Baltimore Ravens (1996) and Houston Texas (2002).