Most Interceptions

    Which quarterbacks have thrown the most interceptions over the course of their careers? Is it an AFC quarterback, an NFC quarterback, or one that played in both conferences? Football Almanac is pleased to present the top one-hundred all-time career leaders in interceptions thrown.

    Notes: Bold faced names denote football players who appeared in at least one game during the most recently completed NFL season and all player names may be clicked to view comprehensive stats.

"Some say records were made to be broken—personally, I've never believed that—but in any case the career interception mark was believed to be unreachable. It takes a player with an unusual combination of not knowing when to retire, not knowing when to stop trying to rack up the completions, and not knowing when to stop trying to throw touchdowns. And it seems that lucky player is everyone's big hero quarterback, Brett Favre." - Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino on HBO Pictures Mr. 278

Most Interceptions
All-Time Leaders

'Top 100'

1Brett Favre310
2George Blanda277
3John Hadl268
4Fran Tarkenton266
5Vinny Testaverde261
6Norm Snead257
7Johnny Unitas253
8Dan Marino252
9Jim Hart247
10Bobby Layne243
11Dan Fouts242
12Warren Moon233
13John Elway226
14John Brodie224
15Ken Stabler222
16Joe Namath220
 Babe Parilli220
18Terry Bradshaw210
19Joe Ferguson209
20Steve Grogan208
21Drew Bledsoe206
22Steve DeBerg204
23Sammy Baugh203
24Dave Krieg199
25Jim Plunkett198
26Tobin Rote191
27Sonny Jurgensen189
28Craig Morton187
29Boomer Esiason184
30Len Dawson183
 Jack Kemp183
32Charley Johnson181
33Kerry Collins179
 Lynn Dickey179
35Norm Van Brocklin178
36Jim Everett175
 Jim Kelly175
38Archie Manning173
39Bob Griese172
40Charley Conerly167
41Ron Jaworski164
42Dan Pastorini161
 Jake Plummer161
 Richard Todd161
45Tommy Kramer158
46Phil Simms157
47Peyton Manning151
48Roman Gabriel149
 Brian Sipe149
50Earl Morrall148
51Chris Chandler146
 Billy Kilmer146
53Steve Bartkowski144
54Troy Aikman141
 Eddie LeBaron141
 Jim Zorn141
57Joe Montana139
58Ed Brown138
 Daryle Lamonica138
 Bart Starr138
 Joe Theismann138
62Otto Graham135
63Randall Cunningham134
 Billy Wade134
65Sid Luckman132
 Danny White132
67Jon Kitna131
68Trent Dilfer129
69Bob Waterfield128
70Milt Plum127
71Bobby Hebert124
 Frank Tripucka124
73Zeke Bratkowski122
 Brad Johnson122
75Jim Harbaugh117
76Steve McNair114
77Jeff George113
78Steve Beuerlein112
79Don Meredith111
 Frank Ryan111
81Roger Staubach109
82Cotton Davidson108
 Lamar McHan108
 Mike Phipps108
 Jay Schroeder108
86Trent Green107
 Steve Young107
88Mark Brunell106
 Gus Frerotte106
 Mike Tomczak106
91Rich Gannon104
92Greg Landry103
 Tommy Thompson103
94Chris Miller102
 Marc Wilson102
 Wade Wilson102
97Bert Jones101
 Bill Nelsen101
99Daunte Culpepper100
100Jeff Blake99
 Drew Brees99

Did you know that George Blanda (#2 all time interceptions thrown) played quarterback from 1949 through 1975 — one of the few players in NFL history to play in four difference decades?

On Sunday, October 14, 2007, Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers saw rookie James Jones open deep down field with 11:20 left to play in the third quarter. Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor picked off the pass which was thrown short and Favre passed Blanda for first place on the all-time interceptions thrown chart.

Dan Marino (see quote at top of page) never thought the record for career interceptions would be broken, but it was. Do you believe Peyton Manning might break it? How about Kerry Collins? Share your opinion with us on Pigskin Fever.