Cleveland Rams

    The Cleveland Rams, who are the modern day St. Louis Rams, were an American football team based in Cleveland, Ohio who played in the National Football League (NFL) from 1937 through 1942 and again from 1944 through 1945.

    Football Almanac is pleased present a comprehensive Cleveland Rams history which includes links to every Cleveland Rams roster in history (every roster has every player who appeared in a game so this means every Cleveland Rams player is just a click away as well), some Cleveland Rams franchise facts, Cleveland Rams regular season records, Cleveland Rams Hall of Famers and other Cleveland Rams historical facts.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: See St. Louis Rams team page for a comprehensive franchise history. This page ONLY contains data about the team while it was playing in Cleveland, and not during its franchise.

How did they become the Rams? The franchise was originated in Cleveland in 1936 as a member of the American Football League. In 1937 the team joined the NFL. Principal owner Homer Marshman and his general manager, Damon “Buzz” Wetzel picked the Rams name because Wetzel had said his favorite football team had always been the Fordham Rams and Marshman liked the sound of the name. - Pro Football Hall of Fame (Franchise nicknames, Source)

Cleveland Rams

Cleveland Rams History by Football Almanac

Year Established:


Home Town:

Cleveland, Ohio

Year League Conference Team Rosters Wins Losses Ties Coach(es)
1945 NFL Western 1945 Cleveland Rams 9 1 0 Adam Walsh
1944 NFL Western 1944 Cleveland Rams 4 6 0 Aldo Donelli
1942 NFL Western 1942 Cleveland Rams 5 6 0 Dutch Clark
1941 NFL Western 1941 Cleveland Rams 2 9 0 Dutch Clark
1940 NFL Western 1940 Cleveland Rams 4 6 1 Dutch Clark
1939 NFL Western 1939 Cleveland Rams 5 5 1 Dutch Clark
1938 NFL Western 1938 Cleveland Rams 4 4 0 Art Lewis
1938 NFL Western 1938 Cleveland Rams 0 3 0 Hugo Bezdek
" " " "4 70 "
1937 NFL Western 1937 Cleveland Rams 1 10 0 Hugo Bezdek
Cleveland Rams History by Football Almanac

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